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Being approved in accordance with Decision No. 02/QD-HHDLVN dated 02 February 2010 by the Chairman of Vietnam Hotel Association

Chapter I

Article 1. Name of association
Full name: Vietnam Hotel Association
Name in English: Vietnam Hotel Association
Abbreviated name: VHA

Article 2. Principles and purposes of the Association
Vietnam Hotel Association (hereinafter named the Association) is a speical association of Vietnam Tourism Assocaition, including enterprise, economic organization and Vietnamese citizens legally trading in tourist accomodation establishment (hereinafter named the Hotel) and its related services.
The purpose of the Association is to associate, co-operate and support each other in terms of technique – economics, business and services, to stablize the market and improve the quality and products of tourism, improve the competitiveness of members at home an abroad ; to represent and protect legal rights and interests of its members

Article 3. Scope of Association’s activities
Vietnam Hotel Association carries out its activities at home and abroad in accordance with regulations of applicable laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and this Charter.

Article 4. Legal status
1. Vietnam Hotel Association is a legal entity with its own seal, symbol and account.
2. The head office is laocated in Hanoi. The Association is entitled to open its representatice office at home and abroad in accordance with regulations of applicable laws.
3. The Association is entitled to participate in international organizations operating in the same field in accordance with regulations of applicable laws.

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Well-positioned in Dong Da District - Dong Da Lake, Kim Lien Hotel is the ideal point of departure for your excursions in Hanoi. Only 35 km away, this 3-star hotel can be easily accessed from the airport.

Our slogan: “We love having you here” to ensure that the guests will have the most comfortable, enjoyable and truly unforgettable time in this charming 3-star establishment.