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        For the last 10 years, the system of tourist accommodation establishments have made strong developments in quantity and quality, contributing in the development of Vietnam Tourism Sector and successfully serving many significantly national and international events in Vietnam. In 1998, the Tourism Sector had only 2,510 tourist accommodation establishments, but in October 2010, there are up to 11,000 hotels with about 230,000 rooms.
               The system of tourist accommodation establishments have increased in quantity and been improved in quality meeting the various demands of tourists. Especially, 3 or 5-star hotels is very professional and skillful to improve the prestige of the Hotel Sector. Most of tourist accommodation establishments always pay much attention to providing training courses to improve professional skills of the laborers; ensure the security, safety, ecological environment and food safety during operation; strictly comply with legal documents; and contribute to the promotion and attraction of customers and the income of the Sector.
            In order to overcome the above-mentioned limits, Vietnam Hotel Association established on 10 January 2010 is a significant progress of Vietnam hotel system. The Association has made a close coordination with Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to promote the hotel system through special conferences namely: Cuisine, Protocol, nomination and award of a prize to the leading enterprise in tourism in Vietnam, establishment of websites for its members, especially collection of difficulties facing the enterprises during its operation to propose to competent authorities to solve.
The system of tourist accommodation establishments operate conveniently and effectively in order to create a common voice for the system, and coordinate with competent authorities to provide training course for human resources, protect natural resources and the environment, ensure security and safety, especially agree on the price, improve the quality of the hotel system to meet the higher demands of the tourists.
           Vietnam Hotel Association is a bridge between enterprises trading in hotel and the competent authorities to solve difficulties (such as: the application of 3-time price of electricity causes many difficulties to the hotels), create favorable conditions for sustainable and effective development of the hotels.
            Vietnam Hotel Association updates its members on the Tourism, Hotel Business and restaurants at home and abroad via website, news or magazines, etc. It provides consultancy on the promotion of its image, trademark, products and supports to find partners and markets through domestic and international fairs and exhibitions
          Guiding its members to execute legal documents of the State and the sector relating to the hotel business. Timely reflect and coordinate with the competent authorities to solve difficulties in business such as: electricity and water price, or policy on land tax, etc. Assisting in settle claims and disputes during its operation
           Vietnam Hotel Association is an organization protecting legal and proper interests of its members, reflecting inappropriate mechanisms and policies affecting the operations of the tourist accommodation establishments to the competent authorities
Representing its members to propagandize the image of our country, human, traditional culture and national history to international friends, signing agreements on cooperation, technology exchange with foreign partners, and representing its members to protect them from domestic and international disputes or legal proceedings
             Establishing relations with organizations operating in hotels, bilateral and multilateral relations with Hotel Associations in the regions and all over the world
Signing cooperation agreements on training, technology, technique and labor transfer in the field of hotel with international organizations.
               Doing research and contributing opinions to the system of legal documents in terms of hotel business, implementing scientific projects in hotel assigned by Ministry of Culture – Sports and Tourism, and the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
          Vietnam Hotel Association is a professional organization operating subject to Vietnamese law, protecting legal and proper interests of the hotel system. Coordinating with the competent authorities to solve difficulties and creating favorable conditions for the sustainable and effective development of the hotel system
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VHA Admarket
The hotel now has 183 guest's rooms, 4 restaurants and many other souvenir stores. Since its reopening, the Saigon Morin has been widely acknowledged as the most luxurious hotel in Hue...

- Only 80 $ net/room/night for Azul Junior Sea View room
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Valid 09/06 until 30/09/2013
Hotline: 0903 594 564

Well-positioned in Dong Da District - Dong Da Lake, Kim Lien Hotel is the ideal point of departure for your excursions in Hanoi. Only 35 km away, this 3-star hotel can be easily accessed from the airport.

Our slogan: “We love having you here” to ensure that the guests will have the most comfortable, enjoyable and truly unforgettable time in this charming 3-star establishment.